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Posted by K on March 19, 2004 at 15:13:41:

In Reply to: TubeNet is moving soon! posted by Sean Chisham on March 18, 2004 at 22:21:23:

Sorry, but the truth has to be said!

Spam control would be wonderful. Trolls to be automatically retired to their true sub-terrain confinements would be just as pleasing. As would several additional features, among which an easier burden on the owner should be placed on top of the list.

However the very structure of the original TubeNet outdoes the presently selected sad attempt of a replacement by unspeakable dimensions.

The original TubeNet provides a perfect overview over the ongoing threads.

It is easy to decide which strings of a thread one finds worthwhile to follow by seeing where the true contributors throw their gems. The graphical presentation of a thread in its own way fertilises the worthwhile threads.

Sadly this also goes, when the trolls place one of their a bit too frequent conventions on the TubeNet. That is a point where the software of the original TubeNet would benefit from a major upgrade.

But the new and degraded TubeNet is a major step back into the extremely boring normality of music forums on the web of which I follow several. The original TubeNet has a spontaneity, which is unique.

The Memphis-based horn list of course can boast frequent high quality postings by The Cabbage, dah Perfesser, and Hans Pizka. The original TubeNet can present the same high level of postings, but sadly with a decreasing frequency aafter the trolls have found courage to elevate them selves from their dirt homes into human forums for the exchange of information.

Especially saddening have been the attacks on the owner of the TubeNet (and on some serious posters) from students obviously having access to the use of the communication systems of recognised universities, where the tuba is taught by icons of the tuba firmament. Such students should very soon get suggestions from their teachers to find other areas than the tuba for developing their personalities.

But the bottom line still says:

The richness and spontaneity of the original TubeNet is deeply related to its extremely logical presentation of its discussion threads.


who has signed up to the new/fake TubeNet, and was shocked to learn, that replies are not assigned automatically to a specific previous posting (one even has to enter the subject line in a reply)


who admittedly has complained the original TubeNet crashing my browser. But I have not done so since discovering which browser being the right one to use: NetscapeŽ Communicator 4.77 for the Mac.

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