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Posted by Mark on May 09, 2003 at 17:13:18:

In Reply to: Re: Orchestra Salaries posted by Mark Preece on May 09, 2003 at 00:38:43:

The salaries in this post only reflect the minimum and, I feel, can be helpful for musicians seeking work in various locations around the US. The post does not state what is any specific person's salary. I certainly would disagree if it stated say, Tubby the Tuba's salary in the BSO (whether it's Baltimore, Boston or Burtonsville, MD). I honestly don't see why any AFM member would be affected by this post because of it's general nature. If I am wrong and you are a member of one the mentioned orchestras and are offended by the minimum salary (not your salary, of course you would be offended by that) offered by your orchestra, I apologize for assuming.

I also don't consider it unprofessional as mentioned in responding posts that starting salaries are mentioned in public. Again, I would consider it very unprofessional if an individual's salary was posted. Many professions list starting salaries in their job listings to give a person interested an idea of what they may be auditioning (interviewing) for. Of course, talks will be had concerning the final salary of the winning candidate that is, and should be, confidential. So, I don't see the connection between this post and saying that it is unprofessional to say what a person is making. No specifics were given so no true salaries were mentioned. I know the newest member sitting in the last chair viola section may be making this amount if he/she is fresh out of school and/or in their first gig, but still we do not truly know what they are making and nor should we.

I will also state that I understand why Mr. Sanders thought that the original poster said he was a representative from ICSOM since it said "Posted by ICSOM" at the beginning of the post. But I am quite sure the original poster did not mean to imply that.

Having said all of this, the chances of someone pursuing a performance career winning one of these tuba positions is very slim. Possibly to the odds of a baseball player making a major league team. But, of course millions aren't to be had in this business. The salaries of orchestra players average around what some band directors make depending on where you live. I know some that make 25,000 a year and, yes, I do know some that make over 80,000. All in all, I feel that when you win such highly regared positions in our arena, you deserve more. But this is what the market is bearing and the more we know what we are getting into before hand, I think the better for all of us. Because if money is a motivating factor for anyone getting into this business, you should be well informed. That is why I think this post has merit.


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