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What is appropriate to post?

Just about anything related to the musical world of tubas and euphoniums. Musical thoughts, experiences, questions, and stories. If you have something to sell or are looking to buy, post that also. Use common sense and stick to the topic of the BBS and everyone will have fun and hopefully pick up some ideas.

What is not appropriate to post?

Questions about homework assignments, endless complaining, off topic chatter, eBay talk, attempts to police other people's posts, spelling police, which car to buy to fit tubas in, postings designed solely to annoy, etc. Again common sense should prevail. I will pull postings which I feel are not appropriate, especially anonymous postings.

Who decides what is appropriate to post?

I do. This is my web page afterall. I do hope I am fair though.

How do I remove a post after it is not needed anymore?

You can't. Only I can remove posts. If it needs to be removed for whatever reason, just e-mail me.

How old is TubeNet?

I started TubeNet in about 1995.

MUST I include my e-mail address in a post?

No, but it helps when people wish to contact you through e-mail. I advise people post their e-mail address for all postings, but sometimes we would rather remain anonymous, for whatever reason. However, I am MUCH more inclined to pull postings from someone who is not using their real name OR if they are posting under several pseudonymns.

Where did the previous postings go?

I started to archive posting as of December 1998. Check the Tips page for the archives.

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