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Posted by Old Slowfinger on March 21, 2004 at 08:59:21:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Memorial to the BBS posted by Steve H. on March 20, 2004 at 23:36:21:

"If the content remains, the new site will be better than the old."

A beautiful truism, yet a faulty statement for two reasons:

Read my other postings on how the new travesty of the TubeNet lacks the
spontaneity and coherence of thought displayed graphically so wonderful in
this present original, true, and so far only worthy representation of the

The content will NOT stay the same, because the present core correspondents,
who are not into TubeNetting because they are hooked on basically
insignificant computer gimmicks, will not take the no-chord-bungy-jump over
to the new site, because that site is a sample on how computer freaks
forget, that they are humans, not technoids.

Of course I am old enough to know, that much of what is considered
highlights of the present TubeNet is nothing more than fastfingered passing
of mental gas. But it helps knitting the TubeNet community, so that those,
who actually have a cultural and instrumental heritage to pass along to some
degree have stayed on-board sofar. If the older segment of TubeNetters
abandon ship, because they consider the"new" tubenet incarnation being
designed as a wreck right from the outset, then the basic qualities of the
original TubeNet will evaporate.

One of the real funny cum sad statements on the wreck incarnation is:
Progress is a good thing in my opinion.

I learned to filter statements like this one, when a friend of mine 30+
years ago endorsed abortation because it was the "progressive" approach. A
change of a valuable format earns better supporting arguments than being
called progressive.

Somebody with the ability to take in VISA (or other cards) payments should
organise a collection making it possible for Sean to abandon his investments
in the mockery called the new TubeNet. I certainly would be a contributor.

Old Slowfinger

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